5 Ways Playing Video Games Can Help Your Child.

As a parent, you are always apprehensive about your kid playing video games every day. Video games have come a long way since past two decades. They are no more just a means of entertainment and fun. Just like all the outdoor activities develop the child’s physical muscles; this video gaming is an indoor activity that helps in developing their cognitive abilities.

Following are some of the advantages of playing video games by the kids-
1. coordination- video games teach the kids to work on their hand and eye coordination. It improves their skills of concentrating with their eyes while their hands are operational. As contrary to the ancient belief that too much gaming degrades the sight, it is now believed that video games may truly improve the vision. Kids, who suffered from lazy eye, had shown signs of improvement, few days after video gaming.

2. Physical and mental activity- the gaming and its control leads to tremendous physical activity of the kid. Games like boxing, cricket and golf develop interest in the minds of the children. They learn the rules and thus also love to play it outdoors. The video games like treasure hunting and mazes develop the mind and skills of the child. Their brain works faster thus making them smarter. They become quick at solving puzzles and riddles.

3. Playful- a child who plays video games is proved to be happier. He is immersed in the happy world of the games and forgets to get cranky or stubborn. Games keep his mood elevated and they develop a habit of staying cheerful. Video games act as a stress buster for the new generation kids. After a tough day at school, a single video game relaxes there mind. The children compete every day to beat their own previous score. They compete with each other to win the number one position. They race their way to the top and fight to emerge as a winner, thus, developing a competitive spirit in them. This helps them to maintain a winner attitude and also accept their defeat simultaneously.

4. Autism and dyslexia aid- kids with these issues have reported to improve their progress with the help of video games. It helps them concentrate and become more interactive. This is a fun way of practicing for them. Children use high levels of memory while playing video games. All the instructions for the games are read just once and the child has to remember them throughout the game. It helps them grasp things quickly and retain them in their minds.

5. Source of learning and networking- video game today has become highly educational. Not only has it taught about the culture and history, it also teaches about various tools and techniques. Many schools have started using video games as a method of teaching. It is useful for children of all ages. A child handles all the controls of the game independently. He has to control the speed, direction and the time. He learns to use his hands and side by side takes care of other details too, which are displayed on the screen. He is applying his brain as well as his hands and eyes. Video games today have become a social networking hub amongst the players. You can interact with other players. The players compete with each other to top the billboards. Video games help them make new friends, everyday and they learn how to interact with them on their own level. Most of the games have multi player options. Many kids can play together in fighting off one enemy. Children learn to play together and thus form teams. They learn how to work in groups towards one common goal. They divide their roles automatically, thus learning to do their part properly.

If parents also play with their child, it will help them to come close to their kid. The kid will be more frank and open to his parents this way. He will feel that his parents can understand his interests and his thought process. The age barrier will no longer be a barrier.

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