Are you a Keyboard

Are you a Keyboard, Joystick, or Control Pad Player?
To be honest, I thought of this title just for fun because I was wondering what type of player I am myself. When I saw my friend playing a golden oldie game known as Sensible Soccer it brought me back to the days when I used to play using a joystick; however, I remember my friend always played on the keyboard and rarely touched the one joystick he had, which is exactly what I used so we could play 2 player games (this was before the internet even existed).

One of the things I know about my friend is that he is 100% a keyboard player. He plays almost any game he can using a keyboard, and this is probably because back in the day, most games we used a keyboard to play. For my friend, he remains an old-school player. The reason he switched from joystick to keyboard was simply that he got fed up with joysticks and controller breaking.

Now today most of these products are much stronger, more ductile and durable, but each to their own I suppose.
I like to play Dota 2, which you may have guessed as quite a few of my blogs mention the game. Dota 2 actually forces you to use the keyboard to play the game, so this is understandable for me. As far as all other games I play, which are PC games, I use a control pad. In the past when I had the old (then new) Commodore Amiga gaming computer, I used a joystick religiously. I then got a Nintendo 64 and following that a PlayStation 2.

From the day I started playing consoles, I used control pads, so when I walk into the shop to buy a controller, the joysticks just get passed up. The same applies to when I am shopping online. I just do not go to the joystick section to see what there is available.

Now, even though I play Dota using the keyboard, given the chance, would I use a joystick or control pad?

I play all my sports game with a controller. In fact, if the game allows me to use a control pad, then I will use it over the keyboard. Plus, remember there is little chance of me buying a joystick – well at least there was, which is what instigated this short blog post. Now if I could play Dota 2 with controller or a joystick, I would certainly play with a joystick if I could, and I would rather play with a controller over the keyboard given the chance too.

My experience with a joystick
About a month ago I decided it was time to buy joystick just for the fun of it. I won’t lie, it really did take some getting used to, but I felt something! When I was playing my sports games, I was amazed at just how sensitive to direction joysticks are. It was actually much easier to manoeuvre. I tried it on other games such as war games, but with mixed results – I certainly find that a control pad is much easier to use gun targets within the first-person shoot ’em up style games.

In the end, I realised that I am a joystick player after all. Aside from the games where a control pad is much better for control purposes. If I have the choice, I will always start with a joystick, then test out alternatives such as control pads and keyboard control as the next option. In short, joysticks are now always my first choice!

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