Need for Speed Gaming Tips

Need for speed payback is an entry game that is brilliant and manages the series in order to capture a fast and furious story. This game is one of the longest-running and most successful race that seems to be better than any other speed game. The game contains series such as insane speed, police chases and tons of cars that you are looking for.

The action

The game contains an action film since it is a racing game and the action is not only in the driver’s seat but also in the hood that is ready to jump into a big rig truck in order to steal back your car from the house. In this game there will be tons of car chases, highly robberies, police chases, explosion and flipped cars which were noted during the trailer that was released. Your game partner in the game will be acting as a police spike that strips and rive the race from the highway to the western desert of America.

At final, when the game turns out to be a helicopter chase scene, the need for speed payback will tick every box that is in the movie setlist.

The story

In the trailer, the story about the need for speed payback is a fast and furious one. The themes of the storyline portray themes of revenge and payback because it revolves around the Tyler and his crew who were double-closed and forced into exile. The cartel which controls the areas of casino, cops and criminal will have a goal of bringing down the house.

The NFS game will be expected to bring other stunts, races and events along the need for speed payback and the NFS will heist the mission that is described by the blockbuster who has great driving experience when producing the game executive.

In this game, when you feel as if you are brave there will be other features which players can gamble while performing their game in order to multiply their winning points.

The speed cards

During the race, each car has a level indicator which is always attached to the car. Before starting your journey always ensures that your indicator level is above the level that is indicated by the race itself. When you put your indicator in a lower level than the one indicated, you will risk yourself by making things to look harder.

Use the speed cards to boost your car indicator`s level and this speed card will boost the stats for six different places you will travel starting from nitrous box to gearbox level and finally the overall level will be boosted.

These speed cards you can only get them when you finish the race or buy them using the in-game currency from the Tune-Up shops that are across the continent.

The customization

The advantage of the need for speed payback game is that one can change or make his car look in a ridiculous way with decals everywhere by using utterly lurid paint jobs or other adornments that perform this job. This game focuses on modifying and customizing the car in order to produce a prospect taste to all cars that are scattered all over the country or continent.

This game to get a car that will make your gran spit out for her tea as you drove past the window, you will need to first do a little bit of grinding. Your customization body kit of every single element of this game will be found at the customization tab in the garage and is locked behind gameplay achievements.

If you are looking to change a rear fender, you will first be needed to buy a second garage because building a Derelict part that will be required by the rear fender is not a simple task. By completing a three Speed Trap activities which rate for two-star is better than putting a barrier between you and your granny dazzlers.

The Grind

In need for speed payback game, the only disadvantage is that the grind has only one part and money is difficult to earn and they are slow especially if you don’t do all the side bets. Deciding to level up your car for the late stage races becomes a task as you will be required to retread the steps that you made during the earlier races in order to make sure you are saving enough dosh to level up your car.

LIVE Online Gaming

There is a lot of hype about LIVE online gaming. One of the places we see live gaming already taking its place in the world is the online real money gaming scene. Here there are several companies that have opened up venues where there are webcams directed on the tables, so players can play real money game versus a live dealer with live cards in play.

This has become the latest and greatest way to play games online without the need for multi-player battle arenas. There is also no need for any virtual reality because the technique used by companies such as Microgaming and Evolution Gaming is high-tech, but at the same time simple.

How Does LIVE Real Money Gaming Work?

All that is needed is a webcam and some sophisticated facial recognition like software. There is a software platform provider that delivers this to operators that hire the software platform, so it can be made available to its members on the operator website.

All player accounts are held on the operator’s website, which is where the members sign up to play the games. Therefore, member accounts are all held by the operator(s). The operator will then connect to the software platform providing the live real money games and display this on their website or application allowing members to connect to the games via the website or app.

To make wagers, members can use virtual money that replicates an equal value to their real money account balance be this US$, Thai Baht, or UK£. It is entirely down to the operator which fiat currencies or cryptocurrencies are accepted as a legitimate way to deposit funds to play real money games.

Wagers are made and recorded by a sophisticated system that records how much has been placed on the table and how much they payout will be at the end of each round played on the game in question.

Results are determined by the software behind the webcams. This software is able to recognise every sequence of the game being played. At the end of each game played versus a live dealer, the results are read by the camera, which recognises when each round of the game has come to an end. This achieved with pinpoint accuracy. As a result, there is never any dispute on how much the player will win or lose.

All games are operated at a real table by a real person. This is why the new live style gaming online has become so popular. There is some talk of the old-style games workshop coming back to life in a similar fashion.  This is something that we are not sure will take off, but if it is set-up correctly with the right software in place, then all that is needed is a trained person to move the pieces around the board; while, in the meantime, the computer does the hard work calculating the results for players.

Other popular games may follow suit in the future. In the end, live gaming and virtual reality gaming could come to head as direct competitors with each other. On top of this, of course, online virtual gaming in places such as Multi-player e-sports arenas online will also be taking a slice of the market share.

What games can I play?

Most of the games in what is known as live dealer suites are cards games. This includes บาคาร่า (Baccarat), Roulette, Blackjack, and Poker games. These are the most popular online real money games around right now and so it was inevitable that these games headline any live dealer suite.

Who are the main companies providing this style of gaming?

At the moment, there are several companies providing live dealer games. The companies that own the real money live gaming studios are the ones that provide the software platform to the operators. Microgaming was one of the first companies bring out the live dealer suite concept and thankfully unlike Apple, who we hate because they try to patent everything and slap an unaffordable price on it, Microgaming did not patent the idea.

In fact, within the real money gaming scene, Microgaming is as successful as Apple, but their business model is completely the opposite. When we say ‘completely opposite’ we mean that. This is because every new idea Microgaming has brought to the online real money casino scene, it has shared with its competitors.

Firstly, Microgaming invented the concept of playing games such as Roulette, Baccarat, Blackjack, and Poker online. This was in 1994 when Microgaming released the very first site players were able to pay into via Credit Card or Debit Card or credit card in order to place bets in exchange for a promised win – which is basically the concept behind the aforementioned games at the beginning of this paragraph.

Secondly, as Microgaming continued to grow in the industry, the company helped other businesses also grow by not patenting its popular ideas. This meant companies such as NetEntertainment and Playtech could also use the same features added to games or their software platform that already had proof of concept by Microgaming; i.e. if the concept was popular with players connecting to the Microgaming platform, then the competition could use the same idea.

For example, on the slot, it was Microgaming that came up with the concept of 243 ways to win with no pay lines on the slots. This was not patented and in the end developers such as NYX, NetEnt, and Playtech all released their versions of these slots also using the no pay line concept. This has now grown into 1024 ways to win slots using 5×4 reel faces rather than the traditional 5×3.

Lastly, Microgaming did not patent the idea of live dealer suites. This opened up the market for other companies to become strong competitors to Microgaming. This includes Evolution Gaming and Playtech. However, Microgaming does not care because it has already made a tonne of money in its industry, and it loves its reputation for being the pioneering company behind the invention of all things great on the online real money scene.

Check out Microgaming here…


Some of My Fav PC Gaming Titles

Whether you are an avid video game player or not, you will agree that video games have grown to become an integral part of our daily living. I like to play all manner of online games; especially, games on my mobile and then on my PC. I also have a PlayStation 4 and Xbox, but PC games seem to be getting better and are luring me away from my games consoles as of late.

From the most basic of games to advanced games, I have been testing out several titles just because they are either free, or they come from a movie title that I know I loved and would love to get into the action in the form of a PC game.

This has led me to upgrade my graphics cards, my PC memory and turn it into a real online gaming beast.

Hitman PC Game

Like many people, was very happy when the Hitman game was announced as an episode and its for a good reason. I have always been a Hitman lover.

With the acts of deception and trespass being one of the most exciting features of this game, they are also the core aspects of the whole Hitman series. Technically, what is regarded as the best game in this series is the Hitman Blood money.

However, my all-time favourite series of the game is the Hitman: Contracts way back in 2004. The Hitman Contracts is my best PC game mainly because of its brooding atmosphere.

The game begins with a series of flashbacks as Agent 47 is lying while seriously injured following an awry gone mission. The environment is interesting to trespass with lots of different disguises that you can employ. As you check into a haunted hotel totally unarmed, you have to make sure that all your targets permanently check out.

As you go shopping for bombs down the freezing military base, you take out the seller onboard on a cargo ship that is surrounded by ice. You will then proceed to blow up a bomb industry located inside a massive submarine and then infiltrate a certain English country house while you act as a buttler or a huntsman. You will also pretend to be a police sniper, dress as a chef, and invite yourself to the King’s party.

Although the game becomes quite hard at the end with the artificial intelligence of your enemy becoming very unfair, the save option comes in handy to help you move on. The best thing about this game is that it is now available online as a way of developing it from single player to a multiplayer game.

Spider Solitaire

With the many PC game inventions over time, it may come as a surprise that my all-time favorite remains Spider Solitaire. In fact, whether am tired or not, I play the game daily. In earlier Microsoft Window versions, Spider Solitaire was a solo game amidst the likes of Solitaire and Freecell. However, in the latest versions such as Windows 10, Spider Solitaire is one of the video games in the Microsoft Solitaire Collection and is titled Spider.

Spider Solitaire is a two-deck card game designed in columns and has a waste pile section. Each deck has 52 cards and depending on the level of difficulty they are either one-suit, two-suit or four-suit. The goal of the game is to remove all the cards through arranging them in descending runs, that is from King to Ace. You achieve this by moving the front cards in the columns to reveal the rest and by dealing the ones in the waste pile.

For starters, I love this game especially the four-suit level because it challenges me. There are several moves you can make in each stage and therefore, one needs to be sharp and strategic in manipulating the cards to work for you. I also appreciate its unpredictability, in all the years I’ve played Spider Solitaire there’s no way to tell if your next move or cards dealt will help you win or increase the chances of you losing.

Additionally, after a round or two, my senses feel wide awake. For this reason, whenever I sit before my PC each morning I play the game then move on to the workload ahead of me. You can personalize the game by changing the theme, card faces, card backs, on or off sounds, on or off music, allowing or removing hints et cetera.

For those of you wondering, yes, Spider Solitaire is also online and hosted on several gaming platforms. All you have to do is type ‘Spider Solitaire online’ in your search engine and select whichever catches your fancy and play for free. Enjoy.

Feel the Force of War With Tank Force

Windows 10 has taken PC gaming to a whole new level with access to the store where you can find all your favorite pc game titles easily. My all-time favorite now has been the Tank Force, an ultimate multi-player war tank game. You can drive your favorite tanks through various terrains and face the challenges of your enemies in different campaigns and game maps.

The Gameplay:

Tank Force lets you choose a server depending on your current location and people from that region will join to play. This game is a team battle where you will join others in your team to fight an opponent team with tanks. Every tank you destroy and for every damage, you make to an enemy tank, you will earn experience along with coins. The best part is, you can earn these coins based on your individual performance even if your team loses the battle.

Coins, Experience and Gold:

You can use the coins for making upgrades to your tank as well as to buy new tanks. Experience points can be used to unlock tanks and make them available for purchase. Gold coins are used for special upgrades where you can buy armor, camouflage, body paint, etc. You can also use gold to complete the upgrades instantly rather than waiting for hours. With earned points and experience, you can earn promotion where you will be given free gold and other benefits.

Winning the Battle:

Each battle of Tank Force occurs on a random map and you can experience high-definition graphics. You can drive your tank in deserts, towns, and snowy mountain ranges. Most of these maps are a representation of real-world locations that make the game more exciting.

Every tank has a certain level of armor and your job is to hit the tank with your shells to destroy them. Each tank has a different set of features such as speed, shell damage, armor, tank rotation speed, gun reload time, etc. So, the more you upgrade, the stronger will your tank get, and it becomes easier to blow enemy tanks.

This game certainly offers a realistic war experience and gives you an idea how things really work on battlegrounds. It has stunning graphics, amazing soundtracks and mind-blowing sound effects to pump your adrenaline.

 Overall Opinion on PC Gaming

Well this is just a small sample of the games that I am loving at the moment. I have not even mentioned Medal of Honor or Grand Theft Auto, yet alone MOBA games such as Dota 2, Overwarch and League of Legends. Sometimes it seems all I do is think about which game to play next.

I suppose you can say I am a jack of all trades, but master of none. The game I decide to play is really up to my mood. Most of my friends cannot believe how diverse I am when it comes to playing online games, but as I said, I am master of none, so when it comes down to a game of FIFA I usually lose because I find my friends will play a particular game almost every day, so they master the game more than I do.

At the end of the day, being such a diverse gamer allows me to write this blog; which, is basically a hobby of mine. I may be a massive online gamer, but sometimes I just like to sit down and write so I can share my opinion with others.

Whether anyone reads my blogs is another question as I do not have any traffic analytics on this site. Please if you do, leave some comments. Feel free to make suggestions or request to leave a review of your favorite game and I can publish it for you.

For this particular blog, I would love to hear in particular from both console and PC gamers to share your opinion on whether you feel console gaming is better or PC gaming is better. As I said, right now, all my money is going into PC gaming, but I am sure once another new console comes out, I will not be able to resist!

How Can You Turn Any Game into A Group Activity

Events are taking place every day in different locations. All these events are done with the intention of providing entertainment to the people present in the venue.

Events are taking place every day in different locations. All these events are done with the intention of providing entertainment to the people present in the venue. Only the right plans for your event can make it a success and remarkable.

So, if you are thinking about the ways to design your program, we suggest you include one more fun in the plans, and that is zorb football. This is the most favorite type of game that most of the people are going crazy about. Regardless of gender, age, these games can be played by anyone.

There are several companies online who offer these games to get delivered at the venue that you tell them.

The First Telecast Of The Game

This game was first created by Johan Golden in partnership with Henrik Elvestad.

The game first made its appearance on the television show called Golden Goal. The game eventually became famous in Norway, United States, and New Zealand. Several entrepreneurs started investing in the game since many events requested to include this game as a public demand. It also has telecasted in the popular show on ABC called Shark Tank.

Most of the bachelor parties, picnics, stag parties, birthday parties and other corporate events prefer this game to include engaging the people and providing the ultimate fun as well. It is an excellent idea to include the game in the children parties since the children of the age ten are perfectly fit to play this game.

Method of Playing Bubble Football

The bubble football game is one of the safest games available. The large ball is made of plastic, and they support the body of the players. This way there is no possibility for the players to get injured during the game.

This game is one of the most secured forms of play that can be played by anyone of any age. The big ball is blown up, and a participant needs to put his head and the upper part of the body inside the ball. Once they are inside, they can move as they wish.

Before starting the game the teams and groups are required to stand on the opposite side from each other.

Once they get the whistle, they have to move, run and bump with the opponents. As many players as they are known with the ball, they score as many points. The players can bounce up and back if they are lucky enough.

There are also many variations of the bubble football such as blowing bubble and bubble sumo. The special venue is rented to play this Human Hamster Ball.

Several bubble football companies make these balls and provide the customers with rental facility. You can order these balls and the company will send experts with the balls to help you to include in game. It can be played making groups or teams in a place where there is plenty of space for the player to move around with balls.

The players need to knock down as many players they can to win the game.

Chess is Brain Exercise Game

Is Chess the Number 1 Brain Exercise Game?

Brain exercising is important because we humans need to keep ourselves stimulated. Chess is one game that keeps your mind sharp and helps your brain develop analytical skills.

For those of you that see Chess as a boring game that tales hours to play, then think again. Probably the most popular chess game is ‘Speed Chess’. Not only do you have to understand the strategy of the game, you also need to act fast because you are on a timer.

Speed Chess Compared to Other Brain Exercise Games

With speed and strategy both tied in together, Speed Chess is the ultimate brain training game. Games like Sudoku are also brain training games, and you can also count Backgammon in there too. In fact, some people will say that Blackjack and Poker are also great brain training games. However, in the end Chess is by far the most complex.

Blackjack Helps Your Brain Memorise and Act Under Pressure

Blackjack is more homed in on an optimal strategy, so you don’t need to act fast. It is about memorizing the tables that dictate your next move according your cards and the face up card that the dealer is showing.

Time is a slight restriction, but there not much analysing to be done. In short, Blackjack is a great game for memory training, and if you play for cash, then you have the added advantage of training your brain to act under pressure. Unlike most Chess games, Blackjack can mean you lose a lot of money very quickly.

Backgammon Constantly Changes Keeping Your Wits About You

Backgammon is more complicated than Blackjack, but not as complex as ‘Speed Chess’. It is more of a game of wits. Although, there are constant changes in the dynamics during a game of backgammon, so the game is still complicated. This is because there is an early game strategy, mid-game strategy and late game strategy.

With the constant swings in Backgammon your mind will have to adapt to the changes and be visual for the constant changes that can occur. There is a strategy to the game of course, but as you are replying on the role of a dice, the dynamics can change and as a Backgammon player you have to adapt to a constant flurry of sometimes low rolls meaning less moves.

Likewise, when your opponent gets several high rolls, he/she will advance further. Later in the game this can swing, and you start to land higher rolls. It is a great game when it comes to blocking your opponent too. The idea is to knock your opponent’s pieces off the board or block your opponent from moving when he/she rolls a high number. This is how you survive a string of low dice rolls.

Better and experienced Backgammon players will always be the victor over less experienced or strategical players.

Poker Is Mathematics, Reading People, and Awareness

Some people may say poker is the Chess of cards. Both games are highly strategical and require a lot of thought and calculation. Poker is a game of memory because you need to be able to remember how people play. It is about remembering your opponents’ habits. If you can spot that a player only plays premium hands, then you will know to avoid that player if the board turns out with an Ace or a King.

Another skill in poker is noticing in which position your opponents are playing certain hands or raising by putting more money in the pot. Some players will always raise when they have the deal. This is because this player knows that they can see what other players are doing before them because it is everyone else turn to bet or check before the dealer position.

Then there is the ability to read players faces. If you play poker online, then this is not a skill you need, but if you play live, then you by reading how players talk, what they say, and how they act when they have a premium hand or if they are trying to bluff the pot.

It is a great game for brain training, but only really taken seriously if you are playing for real money. If you happen to play free play poker, then there is not much skill to the game because people have nothing to lose.

Speed Chess Reigns Champ as the Brain Training Game

Being able to train your brain to react quickly in Chess is somewhat of a master skill to learn. You will also learn to make quick decisions while reading 4 to 5 moves ahead of your game. You need to predict how your opponent is attacking and what your opponent is trying to force you to do and counter this by upsetting their strategy.

Upsetting the opponent’s strategy is what chess is all about. It takes time to be able to master this skill and this is why Chess is a game where you are always thinking and always reading what might, could, or will happen next. This is especially true when you think you have your opponent figured only for him or her to make an unexpected move or tactical change because he/she recognizes that you have spotted their strategy.

The same applies to when you play. You need to be able adjust when your opponent figures out your strategy. By being able to adjust this takes a lot of practise and skill. You need to have several manoeuvres under your belt such as attacking, defensive, and counter plays. All this needs to be done under the pressure of the clock in ‘Speed Chess’.

Latest Online Games

An online game is a type of video game that is either partially or completely played with the help of a computer network.
The design of online games can range from simple text based environment to the perfect blend and an admixture of complex type of graphics and the virtual worlds. Many types of online games create their own community while the different types of other games like the social games involves the players real life communities.

Online Games: Playing online games are a great source of fun and entertainment. There are many types of online games to keep ourselves absorbed for hours. But before going to play different types of online games it is better to find out the right one for us. So, we have to have a knowledge of the different types of games that are being discussed below:

Types of Online Games : 

  • Life and Monopoly: These are basically a type of board game and this game is very similar to the board game that we generally play in our house.


  • There are multi-player games. Some of such games are: Star Wars Battlefront and World of war craft. This type of online games is a great source of revenue for the game companies.


  • There are different types of online games like adventure games. An example of such a game is the walking Dead. 


  • Based on the idea and the theme of casino, there is another type of game known as the William Hill Vegas type of Casino games. These types of games are gaining popularity in this world as millions of people from all over the world are actively participating in it and the game is made in the real duplication of the original game played in the Casino’s. 


  • Depending on the popularity of the card games, now online Card games have come into existence. Some of such games are Spades, Poker, etc. This type of game is being increasingly popular among the regular pastime for trained card players.  


  • Depending on the craze of adventure and shooting skills several online games have now come into existence. Some of them are: Halo 5: Guardians. These online games allow the person to take the role of a soldier. 


  • There are different types of Sports game that has been animated and developed into online ones. These games are specially designed for the sports lovers and a large number of people are seen to get themselves involved into such a game with the benefits of actually enjoying the comfort of their home. 


  • Another type of online game is the Cross-Platform games. It can be played on different PC on different consoles. One of such games are: Street Fighter V 


  • Another section of such games are strategy games. One of such games is XCOM 2. 


  • Another category of games that is gaining much importance today is Simulation Online games. It is a perfect combination of fun, strategy, and action. Such games can get and keep ourselves engaged for hours. 
  • Websites where we can get the Online Games: 


Online Gaming On The Latest Xbox News

Over watch is the xbox one first-person shooter release in 2016. The online experience of the game pits two teams of 6 player against each other with in a selected map. The objective of the team is to capture the flags and escort it to one’s base. In addition to that, the game allows characters skins and enhanced character customization. What makes this game one of the latest best xbox games is that its intense shootouts, diverse classes of characters like, offence, defenses, support and tank.

Overwatch launched new skins for its fans for the Halloween 2017 event. The teaser was sketchy and didn’t give much detail. However, one thing is for sure that we are going to have Halloween skins with previous year skins on a discounted price
The Overwatch game developer’s online First-person game is still highly active. The game gets constant updates like new characters, new game modes, new maps.

Destiny 2

The key feature of Destiny 2 is a shared environment. This simply means that in online game play, each person has his or her own game to play but the other person can drop in based on his proximity to the first player. It is a Science Fiction based first person shooter. Destiny 2 builds on player vs environment and player vs player, for its online presence. It’s a game that will keep one busy for very long time with lots of collectables and game hours
Destiny 2 is surpassing expectations. It’s a massive hit. The sequel has surpassed the original game. Millions of players are signing in to the game and have reached the level new social space called the farm.

The original Destiny was released as an incomplete game. However, the game is the Bungie’s masterpiece. Bungie parted ways with Halo and Microsoft and developed their own franchise of game of Destiny. The Microsoft Halo is dead and Halo 6 is nowhere to be seen. In fact, Bungie’s Destiny 2 has surpassed Halo and is thriving.

Grand Theft Auto franchise has been the best game for decades. It introduced the concept of thug lives, open world system, stealing cars, and flying choppers to name a few. There is hardly a thing you can’t do in GTA V. The game has a vast map, intelligent AI, and plenty of missions. An advance online feature of GTA V is the ability to hop over to the streets of Los Santos and complete missions and meet the games offline characters.

You have myriad options to team up with other players to complete missions like robberies, target killings, stealing cars etc. It has a very vast Player vs Player mode, in which you either kill or get killed. You also have the option to complete wide mission to earn extra money, buy properties and homes. The online game is as addictive as the main game itself.

Recently, Rockstar has announced new contents for its GTA V fan base. The online players can add a new plane to their arsenal on a good discount.

The sleek plane is called Buckingham Howard NX-25. It is credited for combining classic beauty with exhilarating performance.
The plane is available for purchase from Eltas Travel.

Strategy Games You All Should Really Own

Strategy games have come a long way over the years but while some are average at best, there are some that really stand out and will stand the test of time. Obviously, if you’re looking for a new strategy game to play, you’re going to want to know straight off the bat, which are the best and which are just the average ‘rest’.  

For those reasons, we have come up with a few strategy games that should definitely be in your games catalogue. These are the strategy games that we think are among the best out there at the moment and the ones you should at least be trying out. Take a look and see if there is anything that you think will appeal to you. 

Starcraft 2 

As far as real-time strategy games go, Starcraft, the predecessor to Starcraft 2, is the game that essentially launched the entire genre. Still being played as an eSport today, the original is the game that inspired many similar MOBA style games that have gone on to become hugely popular. Not a lot of pressure for the sequel then right? Well it did okay once it was launched back in 2010, becoming the fasting selling strategy game of all time and basically becoming a religion in some areas of the world. In South Korea for example, they currently have two television channels that were primarily created to talk and stream nothing but Starcraft 2. 

League of Legends

This is a strategy game that has become one of the most popular online games today. This has become appareant as the game is now in its second decade of existence and still new websites are selling services to become a better League of Legends player.

In this game you choose a Champion with a skill set that will counter your enemies. You will then be part of a team of 5 playing either carry or support. Supports help the carries build and survive in team fights. Each Champion has magical damage or physical damage as well as other attributes that complement the team draft. If you pick the right 5 Champions, then you should easily beat a team that has picked a bad draft.

In addition to this there are items you need to buy to strengthen your Champion or the team as a whole. These items are gained thorugh killing the enemy and farming. Someone that is quick to kill and farm to gain gold will be able to gain a higher level during the game, which builds up the Champion as well as buy more items to strengthen the hero.

This means there is a lot of strategy involved! The best way to adavance in a game like this is to start as a beginner, learn the game through tutorials and watching pro games. Also, looking back at your own games to see where you made mistakes and could have done better. Once you are compitent, there is one problem, you will be stuck with bad players that have not been as diligent as you with their research into the strategy side of the game.

When you have bad team mates, it is very hard to progress, so you will then need to boost your acocunt so you can play against better players and improve your game. Or you can open a new account and recalibrate your rating, but the issue here is that this tactic tends to bring you back into bad habits because you will not be playing players as good as your first account.

Boosting you account is the best way to learn from mistakes. You will be playing better players and playing with better players. If you are able to adapt to games well and advance, then you should soon get the hang of how better players play together. See the below link for more information.

How do I boost boost my lol account?


When it comes to turn-based strategy games, you’re not going to get much better than XCOM 2, a game that tasks you with fighting to regain control of earth against the aliens that have overtaken it. Commanding your own team of combat soldiers, you perform crack missions all over the globe to try and halt the alien’s progress as well improve your own. 

When you’re not performing these missions, you will have to build and improve your base and its facilities and train up new soldiers that you will grow to love. The more these soldiers develop, they will unlock more powers and abilities that will prove invaluable as you progress into the game. Among the abilities that these soldiers can have includes snipers, rangers, and heavy weapon specialists among many others. 

What is heartbreaking is the fact that when your soldiers die, they stay dead, so all that work you have put into customizing and training them, is all for nothing. Besides, due to the attachment you will feel for your squad, when they go, it will feel like you’re losing a friend. 

XCOM 2 is a hugely popular game but also a very challenging one, so if you’re up for the fight you really should go grab it. 

Frozen Synapse 

Another excellent strategy game that you really should own is Frozen Synapse, a turn-based squad game that will have you planning out scenarios. The game works by giving you an overhead view of where your players are, where the enemies are, with you then pre-planning what your players will do to overcome the enemy. You can then decide to simulate this plan on a test run or just diving straight in having them execute the plan. 

You then watch as the action unfolds and can bark a few orders at your team in the hope that your plan was a good one that succeeds. Playing takes a lot of strategic planning and tactics, so it is never easy and always provides a challenge. Graphically the game is good and the soundtrack is great but it’s the gameplay and the level of strategy that’s needed which really makes Frozen Synapse really stand out. 

How to play Frozen Synapse

Civilization VI 

Anybody that knows anything about strategy games will know all about the hugely popular Civilization franchise that has been around for decades. Dating back to the nineties, this franchise has a huge following of players that just love the strategy and planning that goes into the highly addictive series of games. 

Civilization Vi was actually released as a celebratory title for the 25th anniversary of the first one to be released. The great thing about this latest release is that when you compare it to the first one, there is still so much of the roots of that game involved. Sure, they have upgraded the graphics once again and added in some new features but essentially the mechanics used in both are very similar. 

It just goes to show that games from so far back can still be hugely popular in a modern world where many might be convinced that first-person shooters are the only enjoyable games. How wrong can they be? Strategy games have always and will always be an entertaining and challenging genre that will exist as long as there are computers to power them. 

How do I play Civilizzation 5?


Those are just a few of the very best strategy  games that we’d recommend that players test out but there are a few others available that could quite easily have made the list. The great thing about the strategy niche is that there are so many great titles to choose from. Some will suit particular players while others will be far more suited to a wider gaming audience. We strongly suggest anyone that has yet to play any of these great strategy titles, to go out there and get them today, as they’re certainly not going to regret it. 

Strategy games have always proved popular but the games above are without a doubt some of the most popular you will find in the strategy genre. Sure, we might have missed some off that many of you would have liked to see on the list but this is just our opinion. However, if you feel we have missed any off, just let us know in the comments and we would be happy to give our opinions on those games as well. 

Are you looking for a game designer?

Thousands of people make money through movies and gaming online. If you want to generate some income from online games then it is high time you hire a game designer. There are many game designers in the country. Finding the best game designer can be tough especially for a novice in this field. There are different things to look at when it comes to hiring a game designer. This article has outlined the qualities of a good game designer to help you make an informed decision at the end of the day.

Enjoys video Games

When looking for a game designer, it is advisable to find someone who enjoys playing videos. The person should understand the different between bad and complex video game. This will make him or her better placed to come up with a high quality and fun to play game that many people will fall in love with

Ability to solve problems

You need to look for someone with the ability to solve problems not create new ones. There are a number of challenges one is likely to encounter when designing a game. The best designer is one who will deal with these challenges with ease. From the collision to the detection of different objects, the designer needs adequate skills on how to solve these issues. The designer should have the ability to cope up with these problems while creating different games. There is no need to waste time and effort on someone who will not manage to deal with such issues. In simple terms, game designing comes with many challenges that need solutions. This makes it important to look for a problem solver.

Should be creative

Creativity is another important consideration when it comes to hiring a game designer. A creative mind will come up with something that will impress game lovers and make good sales in the long run. They will come up with new and innovative ideas that will keep in the game for years. Take time to look for someone who will keep game enthusiasts thrilled as they play your games.


There is no doubt that the video gaming industry is ever changing. To remain at the top of this fast-paced industry, then you need someone who is efficient. The combination of efficiency and patience will take your business to the next level.

Technical skills

One must have technical skills before she or he can perform as expected in any technical career. This is not any different in game design. Find someone who can physically model different objects and then put them on the screen so that people can play them in the name of a video game.

Understands the audience

Video games are created for different groups. You need to find someone who understands his or her audience. If you want to create a video game for children then the designer should be in a good position to address the same. You will fail terribly if you hire a designer who will create a game for children when you need one for an adult audience.

Playing your role in Overwatch

images (9)Overwatch is the game that is solely based on role playing. There are two teams of six members each. The team members get to choose from a wide array of the characters that are available. Each character has qualities in them and there is always one quality that each character possesses in the highest amount.

Generally players decide beforehand what characters they should choose and how they should be using the power ups. Playing your role in the game of Overwatch is important, but what is more important is the ability to work together as a team, be able to carry out combats with each character complimenting the other where it is lacking.

This method of game play can help ensure that the person can capture stand point and control points on the map.

Playing your role in Overwatch, might be not an easy task at first, but with the numerous guides that are now available due to the fact that Blizzard is about to launch the beta version. The guidelines that are available help in establishing first of all a very clear purpose of the game, with this settled the game related guidelines also offer assistance about the characters that should be chosen and the strategy that should be adopted with each of the combination of the players chosen.

It is a might addictive game and after certain level people lose the charm that their character had, reason being they fail to strategize their games and use various other combinations of their team mates, and different placements on the map. It is important the each and every player should be aware of his role in the play so that they can develop their skills and strategy accordingly.

The game is all about teamwork. If there is lack of coordination between the team members then there will definitely be issues in functioning. But if the team is well coordinated then their chances to win and secure control points remains undefeatable. Each of the guide that is available online focuses on playing your role in Overwatch as the key factor, and this means that every player needs to have presence of mind.

There are four categories, offense, defense, tank and support. Playing your role in overwatch is dependent on what role you have chosen to play. If you have chosen offense, the your attacking skill would be par excellence but you will lack in the defensive department.

If the chosen role is defense, then your attacking might not be good, but you can block, avoid and kill any attack that has been rendered on you or your team mates. Similarly, if you have chosen tank, then you would be laced with heavy machineries that are destined to kill and explode.

Tank position is also the lead position among the team members of your team. Tank also has the ability to absorb the damage that has occurred around them protecting the team coming to harm. Support helps the team members in recovering from the wounds that have been inflicted and shield them when they are already injured and maximizing the damage that tank and defense has inflicted on the enemy. Playing your role in overwatch is mighty fun, but the only thing is that you need to be fully prepared.

One site we highly recommend to learn more about Overwatch is There is a very good reason for this. This gaming company have a lot of experience in MOBA (Mobile Online Battle Arena) gaming with connections to other games such as Dota 2 and League of Legends. They have a pool of coaches that can teach you how to play the game. They know when a new updates is coming out, and they know new heroes are being added. For information and news we decided to add a link to their site so you can get to know more about the game.