Chess is Brain Exercise Game

Is Chess the Number 1 Brain Exercise Game?

Brain exercising is important because we humans need to keep ourselves stimulated. Chess is one game that keeps your mind sharp and helps your brain develop analytical skills.

For those of you that see Chess as a boring game that tales hours to play, then think again. Probably the most popular chess game is ‘Speed Chess’. Not only do you have to understand the strategy of the game, you also need to act fast because you are on a timer.

Speed Chess Compared to Other Brain Exercise Games

With speed and strategy both tied in together, Speed Chess is the ultimate brain training game. Games like Sudoku are also brain training games, and you can also count Backgammon in there too. In fact, some people will say that Blackjack and Poker are also great brain training games. However, in the end Chess is by far the most complex.

Blackjack Helps Your Brain Memorise and Act Under Pressure

Blackjack is more homed in on an optimal strategy, so you don’t need to act fast. It is about memorizing the tables that dictate your next move according your cards and the face up card that the dealer is showing.

Time is a slight restriction, but there not much analysing to be done. In short, Blackjack is a great game for memory training, and if you play for cash, then you have the added advantage of training your brain to act under pressure. Unlike most Chess games, Blackjack can mean you lose a lot of money very quickly.

Backgammon Constantly Changes Keeping Your Wits About You

Backgammon is more complicated than Blackjack, but not as complex as ‘Speed Chess’. It is more of a game of wits. Although, there are constant changes in the dynamics during a game of backgammon, so the game is still complicated. This is because there is an early game strategy, mid-game strategy and late game strategy.

With the constant swings in Backgammon your mind will have to adapt to the changes and be visual for the constant changes that can occur. There is a strategy to the game of course, but as you are replying on the role of a dice, the dynamics can change and as a Backgammon player you have to adapt to a constant flurry of sometimes low rolls meaning less moves.

Likewise, when your opponent gets several high rolls, he/she will advance further. Later in the game this can swing, and you start to land higher rolls. It is a great game when it comes to blocking your opponent too. The idea is to knock your opponent’s pieces off the board or block your opponent from moving when he/she rolls a high number. This is how you survive a string of low dice rolls.

Better and experienced Backgammon players will always be the victor over less experienced or strategical players.

Poker Is Mathematics, Reading People, and Awareness

Some people may say poker is the Chess of cards. Both games are highly strategical and require a lot of thought and calculation. Poker is a game of memory because you need to be able to remember how people play. It is about remembering your opponents’ habits. If you can spot that a player only plays premium hands, then you will know to avoid that player if the board turns out with an Ace or a King.

Another skill in poker is noticing in which position your opponents are playing certain hands or raising by putting more money in the pot. Some players will always raise when they have the deal. This is because this player knows that they can see what other players are doing before them because it is everyone else turn to bet or check before the dealer position.

Then there is the ability to read players faces. If you play poker online, then this is not a skill you need, but if you play live, then you by reading how players talk, what they say, and how they act when they have a premium hand or if they are trying to bluff the pot.

It is a great game for brain training, but only really taken seriously if you are playing for real money. If you happen to play free play poker, then there is not much skill to the game because people have nothing to lose.

Speed Chess Reigns Champ as the Brain Training Game

Being able to train your brain to react quickly in Chess is somewhat of a master skill to learn. You will also learn to make quick decisions while reading 4 to 5 moves ahead of your game. You need to predict how your opponent is attacking and what your opponent is trying to force you to do and counter this by upsetting their strategy.

Upsetting the opponent’s strategy is what chess is all about. It takes time to be able to master this skill and this is why Chess is a game where you are always thinking and always reading what might, could, or will happen next. This is especially true when you think you have your opponent figured only for him or her to make an unexpected move or tactical change because he/she recognizes that you have spotted their strategy.

The same applies to when you play. You need to be able adjust when your opponent figures out your strategy. By being able to adjust this takes a lot of practise and skill. You need to have several manoeuvres under your belt such as attacking, defensive, and counter plays. All this needs to be done under the pressure of the clock in ‘Speed Chess’.

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