League of Legends Gameplay Advice

Playing strategy on League of Legends is imperative and the best way to do that is by playing wisely and making the best moves while also communicating with your team mates. The game can be overwhelming in many respects when you first start out just because there is so much going on around you.

Nonetheless, after a while you will soon get your vision in shape and start to get to grips with everything going on around you. In fact this game is excellent for brain training and awareness! It will keep your mind sharp and teach a thing or two about life you may never have expected.

Communication is so important

One of the things many do players do not do well with on this game is communication. The maps are there for a reason too. You will need to read up on some of Lol jargon because your team mates will all be honed in on this (well all those that are now becoming regulars will) so you won’t look totally stupid as it is generally only beginners in the early levels.

For the First Few Levels Don’t Worry Too Much About Position

When you play the first few levels, well the first 5 at least, you will not see too much going on. You will not have access to the game’s most enjoyed gameplay opportunities so playing out the first few levels is just practice.

Play versus Player Not Available Until Level Five

If you are looking to build up points playing duals, you will not be able to do this until you have passed through the first four levels. Don’t worry too much about getting involved knee deep either because your points totals from the first four levels is not going to be the be all and end all of your future rise on the game!

Try As Many Different Characters as Possible Early On

Early on your main focus should be on trying out all the characters that are available. It is a really cool game and you will absolutely love the beginning levels when you get to try out all the various character oddities and specialties that will end up serving you well in the later stages.

If you are a tactician then, later on when you get to grips to League of Legends, you will be flying out in front!

Learn the Maps

Getting to grips with all the different positions on the maps is imperative. It’s actually quite simple to begin with really.

There are three lanes on the map and in the game. All you need to know is they are the bottom lane, middle lane and top lane and in-between all of these you will see there is a cluster of vegetation or jungle.

All team bases can be found on the top right hand side and bottom left hand side of the map. You will be position on this map according to the champion you have chosen to play with and then where you choose to start on the map.

For now those are the best tips that we can offer you to get your way into the game. In our next blog we’ll talk about a secret trick on how you can get ahead on the game with some boosting options that you can pay for. For now good luck and happy playing one of the best games online today.

Check out the awesome video with commentary…

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