New Virtual Reality Game on The Blockchain

If you have ever heard of Half-Life, the game whereby you become a person in a virtual world, then you will already be halfway to understanding one of the latest online gaming projects to have hit the blockchain today. Decentraland is about to take the online gaming market by surprise with its own virtual life game that is entirely based on the security of the Blockchain. However, if Half-Life already exists, then what makes the new Decentraland any different.

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Well imagine being able to buy virtual land, develop it, and then sell it on. This is pretty much what this game is all about, but you will be using real money to do this – well in essence anyway. In actual fact you will be using the Decentrland cryptocurrency to make deals with other players on the game. Effectively if this game becomes popular, people may be in the game everyday making money.

You can basically create a life for yourself and hook people up to your services. For example, if you have ever wanted to become a cinema owner, then you can create your own cinema and pay advertisers on the game to let people know about your cinema. At the cinema, you can show movies that people cannot watch anywhere else, or maybe ban in their country. A small payment to stream the movie from your cinema, and you will be making money.

Literally as the developers explain in their gaming concept, you can use your imagination in this game. Go to the casino, see live music, and even test drive a car you have always dreamed of or design your dream car if you like. When you get bored of you car or design a new dream car, you can sell your old one to the highest bidder or simply put a price tag on it and wait for offers.

The entire game is set in a 3D world that you can either visit via your browser using 3D effects or simply slip on a VR headset and explore the world as if you were actually there.

If you are into poker, then you could effectively meet your new virtual friends in the 3D world and organise a game of poker. For now that may not exactly be possible until someone has designed a way for players to be able to deal card with random results; such as those used with Random Number Generators (RNGs) at online casinos.

One of the greatest things about this game is that everything is owned and controlled by the owner using blockchain technology for record of ownership. Basically, eat your heart out Half-Life because the new Decentraland is more than likely going to kick its ass in more ways than one. If you like the sound of it, then go over to their website and give it a test run.

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