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Over watch is the xbox one first-person shooter release in 2016. The online experience of the game pits two teams of 6 player against each other with in a selected map. The objective of the team is to capture the flags and escort it to one’s base. In addition to that, the game allows characters skins and enhanced character customization. What makes this game one of the latest best xbox games is that its intense shootouts, diverse classes of characters like, offence, defenses, support and tank.

Overwatch launched new skins for its fans for the Halloween 2017 event. The teaser was sketchy and didn’t give much detail. However, one thing is for sure that we are going to have Halloween skins with previous year skins on a discounted price
The Overwatch game developer’s online First-person game is still highly active. The game gets constant updates like new characters, new game modes, new maps.

Destiny 2

The key feature of Destiny 2 is a shared environment. This simply means that in online game play, each person has his or her own game to play but the other person can drop in based on his proximity to the first player. It is a Science Fiction based first person shooter. Destiny 2 builds on player vs environment and player vs player, for its online presence. It’s a game that will keep one busy for very long time with lots of collectables and game hours
Destiny 2 is surpassing expectations. It’s a massive hit. The sequel has surpassed the original game. Millions of players are signing in to the game and have reached the level new social space called the farm.

The original Destiny was released as an incomplete game. However, the game is the Bungie’s masterpiece. Bungie parted ways with Halo and Microsoft and developed their own franchise of game of Destiny. The Microsoft Halo is dead and Halo 6 is nowhere to be seen. In fact, Bungie’s Destiny 2 has surpassed Halo and is thriving.

Grand Theft Auto franchise has been the best game for decades. It introduced the concept of thug lives, open world system, stealing cars, and flying choppers to name a few. There is hardly a thing you can’t do in GTA V. The game has a vast map, intelligent AI, and plenty of missions. An advance online feature of GTA V is the ability to hop over to the streets of Los Santos and complete missions and meet the games offline characters.

You have myriad options to team up with other players to complete missions like robberies, target killings, stealing cars etc. It has a very vast Player vs Player mode, in which you either kill or get killed. You also have the option to complete wide mission to earn extra money, buy properties and homes. The online game is as addictive as the main game itself.

Recently, Rockstar has announced new contents for its GTA V fan base. The online players can add a new plane to their arsenal on a good discount.

The sleek plane is called Buckingham Howard NX-25. It is credited for combining classic beauty with exhilarating performance.
The plane is available for purchase from Eltas Travel.

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