Some of My Fav PC Gaming Titles

Whether you are an avid video game player or not, you will agree that video games have grown to become an integral part of our daily living. I like to play all manner of online games; especially, games on my mobile and then on my PC. I also have a PlayStation 4 and Xbox, but PC games seem to be getting better and are luring me away from my games consoles as of late.

From the most basic of games to advanced games, I have been testing out several titles just because they are either free, or they come from a movie title that I know I loved and would love to get into the action in the form of a PC game.

This has led me to upgrade my graphics cards, my PC memory and turn it into a real online gaming beast.

Hitman PC Game

Like many people, was very happy when the Hitman game was announced as an episode and its for a good reason. I have always been a Hitman lover.

With the acts of deception and trespass being one of the most exciting features of this game, they are also the core aspects of the whole Hitman series. Technically, what is regarded as the best game in this series is the Hitman Blood money.

However, my all-time favourite series of the game is the Hitman: Contracts way back in 2004. The Hitman Contracts is my best PC game mainly because of its brooding atmosphere.

The game begins with a series of flashbacks as Agent 47 is lying while seriously injured following an awry gone mission. The environment is interesting to trespass with lots of different disguises that you can employ. As you check into a haunted hotel totally unarmed, you have to make sure that all your targets permanently check out.

As you go shopping for bombs down the freezing military base, you take out the seller onboard on a cargo ship that is surrounded by ice. You will then proceed to blow up a bomb industry located inside a massive submarine and then infiltrate a certain English country house while you act as a buttler or a huntsman. You will also pretend to be a police sniper, dress as a chef, and invite yourself to the King’s party.

Although the game becomes quite hard at the end with the artificial intelligence of your enemy becoming very unfair, the save option comes in handy to help you move on. The best thing about this game is that it is now available online as a way of developing it from single player to a multiplayer game.

Spider Solitaire

With the many PC game inventions over time, it may come as a surprise that my all-time favorite remains Spider Solitaire. In fact, whether am tired or not, I play the game daily. In earlier Microsoft Window versions, Spider Solitaire was a solo game amidst the likes of Solitaire and Freecell. However, in the latest versions such as Windows 10, Spider Solitaire is one of the video games in the Microsoft Solitaire Collection and is titled Spider.

Spider Solitaire is a two-deck card game designed in columns and has a waste pile section. Each deck has 52 cards and depending on the level of difficulty they are either one-suit, two-suit or four-suit. The goal of the game is to remove all the cards through arranging them in descending runs, that is from King to Ace. You achieve this by moving the front cards in the columns to reveal the rest and by dealing the ones in the waste pile.

For starters, I love this game especially the four-suit level because it challenges me. There are several moves you can make in each stage and therefore, one needs to be sharp and strategic in manipulating the cards to work for you. I also appreciate its unpredictability, in all the years I’ve played Spider Solitaire there’s no way to tell if your next move or cards dealt will help you win or increase the chances of you losing.

Additionally, after a round or two, my senses feel wide awake. For this reason, whenever I sit before my PC each morning I play the game then move on to the workload ahead of me. You can personalize the game by changing the theme, card faces, card backs, on or off sounds, on or off music, allowing or removing hints et cetera.

For those of you wondering, yes, Spider Solitaire is also online and hosted on several gaming platforms. All you have to do is type ‘Spider Solitaire online’ in your search engine and select whichever catches your fancy and play for free. Enjoy.

Feel the Force of War With Tank Force

Windows 10 has taken PC gaming to a whole new level with access to the store where you can find all your favorite pc game titles easily. My all-time favorite now has been the Tank Force, an ultimate multi-player war tank game. You can drive your favorite tanks through various terrains and face the challenges of your enemies in different campaigns and game maps.

The Gameplay:

Tank Force lets you choose a server depending on your current location and people from that region will join to play. This game is a team battle where you will join others in your team to fight an opponent team with tanks. Every tank you destroy and for every damage, you make to an enemy tank, you will earn experience along with coins. The best part is, you can earn these coins based on your individual performance even if your team loses the battle.

Coins, Experience and Gold:

You can use the coins for making upgrades to your tank as well as to buy new tanks. Experience points can be used to unlock tanks and make them available for purchase. Gold coins are used for special upgrades where you can buy armor, camouflage, body paint, etc. You can also use gold to complete the upgrades instantly rather than waiting for hours. With earned points and experience, you can earn promotion where you will be given free gold and other benefits.

Winning the Battle:

Each battle of Tank Force occurs on a random map and you can experience high-definition graphics. You can drive your tank in deserts, towns, and snowy mountain ranges. Most of these maps are a representation of real-world locations that make the game more exciting.

Every tank has a certain level of armor and your job is to hit the tank with your shells to destroy them. Each tank has a different set of features such as speed, shell damage, armor, tank rotation speed, gun reload time, etc. So, the more you upgrade, the stronger will your tank get, and it becomes easier to blow enemy tanks.

This game certainly offers a realistic war experience and gives you an idea how things really work on battlegrounds. It has stunning graphics, amazing soundtracks and mind-blowing sound effects to pump your adrenaline.

 Overall Opinion on PC Gaming

Well this is just a small sample of the games that I am loving at the moment. I have not even mentioned Medal of Honor or Grand Theft Auto, yet alone MOBA games such as Dota 2, Overwarch and League of Legends. Sometimes it seems all I do is think about which game to play next.

I suppose you can say I am a jack of all trades, but master of none. The game I decide to play is really up to my mood. Most of my friends cannot believe how diverse I am when it comes to playing online games, but as I said, I am master of none, so when it comes down to a game of FIFA I usually lose because I find my friends will play a particular game almost every day, so they master the game more than I do.

At the end of the day, being such a diverse gamer allows me to write this blog; which, is basically a hobby of mine. I may be a massive online gamer, but sometimes I just like to sit down and write so I can share my opinion with others.

Whether anyone reads my blogs is another question as I do not have any traffic analytics on this site. Please if you do, leave some comments. Feel free to make suggestions or request to leave a review of your favorite game and I can publish it for you.

For this particular blog, I would love to hear in particular from both console and PC gamers to share your opinion on whether you feel console gaming is better or PC gaming is better. As I said, right now, all my money is going into PC gaming, but I am sure once another new console comes out, I will not be able to resist!

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