Strategy Games You All Should Really Own

Strategy games have come a long way over the years but while some are average at best, there are some that really stand out and will stand the test of time. Obviously, if you’re looking for a new strategy game to play, you’re going to want to know straight off the bat, which are the best and which are just the average ‘rest’.  

For those reasons, we have come up with a few strategy games that should definitely be in your games catalogue. These are the strategy games that we think are among the best out there at the moment and the ones you should at least be trying out. Take a look and see if there is anything that you think will appeal to you. 

Starcraft 2 

As far as real-time strategy games go, Starcraft, the predecessor to Starcraft 2, is the game that essentially launched the entire genre. Still being played as an eSport today, the original is the game that inspired many similar MOBA style games that have gone on to become hugely popular. Not a lot of pressure for the sequel then right? Well it did okay once it was launched back in 2010, becoming the fasting selling strategy game of all time and basically becoming a religion in some areas of the world. In South Korea for example, they currently have two television channels that were primarily created to talk and stream nothing but Starcraft 2. 

League of Legends

This is a strategy game that has become one of the most popular online games today. This has become appareant as the game is now in its second decade of existence and still new websites are selling services to become a better League of Legends player.

In this game you choose a Champion with a skill set that will counter your enemies. You will then be part of a team of 5 playing either carry or support. Supports help the carries build and survive in team fights. Each Champion has magical damage or physical damage as well as other attributes that complement the team draft. If you pick the right 5 Champions, then you should easily beat a team that has picked a bad draft.

In addition to this there are items you need to buy to strengthen your Champion or the team as a whole. These items are gained thorugh killing the enemy and farming. Someone that is quick to kill and farm to gain gold will be able to gain a higher level during the game, which builds up the Champion as well as buy more items to strengthen the hero.

This means there is a lot of strategy involved! The best way to adavance in a game like this is to start as a beginner, learn the game through tutorials and watching pro games. Also, looking back at your own games to see where you made mistakes and could have done better. Once you are compitent, there is one problem, you will be stuck with bad players that have not been as diligent as you with their research into the strategy side of the game.

When you have bad team mates, it is very hard to progress, so you will then need to boost your acocunt so you can play against better players and improve your game. Or you can open a new account and recalibrate your rating, but the issue here is that this tactic tends to bring you back into bad habits because you will not be playing players as good as your first account.

Boosting you account is the best way to learn from mistakes. You will be playing better players and playing with better players. If you are able to adapt to games well and advance, then you should soon get the hang of how better players play together. See the below link for more information.

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When it comes to turn-based strategy games, you’re not going to get much better than XCOM 2, a game that tasks you with fighting to regain control of earth against the aliens that have overtaken it. Commanding your own team of combat soldiers, you perform crack missions all over the globe to try and halt the alien’s progress as well improve your own. 

When you’re not performing these missions, you will have to build and improve your base and its facilities and train up new soldiers that you will grow to love. The more these soldiers develop, they will unlock more powers and abilities that will prove invaluable as you progress into the game. Among the abilities that these soldiers can have includes snipers, rangers, and heavy weapon specialists among many others. 

What is heartbreaking is the fact that when your soldiers die, they stay dead, so all that work you have put into customizing and training them, is all for nothing. Besides, due to the attachment you will feel for your squad, when they go, it will feel like you’re losing a friend. 

XCOM 2 is a hugely popular game but also a very challenging one, so if you’re up for the fight you really should go grab it. 

Frozen Synapse 

Another excellent strategy game that you really should own is Frozen Synapse, a turn-based squad game that will have you planning out scenarios. The game works by giving you an overhead view of where your players are, where the enemies are, with you then pre-planning what your players will do to overcome the enemy. You can then decide to simulate this plan on a test run or just diving straight in having them execute the plan. 

You then watch as the action unfolds and can bark a few orders at your team in the hope that your plan was a good one that succeeds. Playing takes a lot of strategic planning and tactics, so it is never easy and always provides a challenge. Graphically the game is good and the soundtrack is great but it’s the gameplay and the level of strategy that’s needed which really makes Frozen Synapse really stand out. 

How to play Frozen Synapse

Civilization VI 

Anybody that knows anything about strategy games will know all about the hugely popular Civilization franchise that has been around for decades. Dating back to the nineties, this franchise has a huge following of players that just love the strategy and planning that goes into the highly addictive series of games. 

Civilization Vi was actually released as a celebratory title for the 25th anniversary of the first one to be released. The great thing about this latest release is that when you compare it to the first one, there is still so much of the roots of that game involved. Sure, they have upgraded the graphics once again and added in some new features but essentially the mechanics used in both are very similar. 

It just goes to show that games from so far back can still be hugely popular in a modern world where many might be convinced that first-person shooters are the only enjoyable games. How wrong can they be? Strategy games have always and will always be an entertaining and challenging genre that will exist as long as there are computers to power them. 

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Those are just a few of the very best strategy  games that we’d recommend that players test out but there are a few others available that could quite easily have made the list. The great thing about the strategy niche is that there are so many great titles to choose from. Some will suit particular players while others will be far more suited to a wider gaming audience. We strongly suggest anyone that has yet to play any of these great strategy titles, to go out there and get them today, as they’re certainly not going to regret it. 

Strategy games have always proved popular but the games above are without a doubt some of the most popular you will find in the strategy genre. Sure, we might have missed some off that many of you would have liked to see on the list but this is just our opinion. However, if you feel we have missed any off, just let us know in the comments and we would be happy to give our opinions on those games as well. 

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